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Shakti Healing Light Newsletter May 2016

Beltane was on the 01 May - the midway point between Imbolc (when we celebrate the coming of the sun and the return of the light) and Summer Solstice.  It is the turn of the Wheel; the peak of Spring and the beginning of Summer.   It is the time where we balance our inner male & female polarities and is symbolically represented in the dancing of the May Pole; the colourful weave of the ribbons around the pole representing unity of the God and Goddess and the Cosmos & Earth.  Our ancestors would celebrate fertilizing the seeds that they had sown at Spring Equinox.  It is also a fire festival where people would jump over the fire to cleanse and release things from their lives.

Mercury went retrograde on 28 April until 22 May which instils a slowing down, a time for rest, reflection and review.   Certainly something that I am feeling at the moment.  So it`s important to listen to our bodies and take time out when we need it and to nourish ourselves with healthy, wholesome foods.

The New Moon Super Moon is on 06 May.  It is in Taurus which asks the question“What do I value?”  It’s a an opportunity for us to show gratitude for all that we have in our lives and for all those things that are yet to manifest.

In May we are encouraged to carry on with any cleansing that we began at the start of Spring.  Initiate plans for the year ahead, to create and manifest new things in our lives.

In society, we are constantly encouraged to achieve, set goals and deadlines.  Whilst immersed in this, we can miss the things that are right in front of us, the small things that we may miss as we go about our day, the beauty in each moment.  Become more aware and appreciative of the small things we see, feel and hear during our day, knowing that when we become more conscious, we will still arrive at our destination, but having seen and felt so much more.

Why not go for a walk and fill your cup up with the beautiful vibes of Mother Nature.  Remembering to walk barefoot on the grass or beach to ground & earth yourself.