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Shakti Healing Light - April 2016

Spring has arrived and we are now in the season of new energy and growth.  Now the clocks have gone forward the daylight is increasing, giving us more time to get things done. At this point in the year we plant seeds to harvest later on.  Take the opportunity to look ahead, make plans and decisions, be creative with fresh ideas so you can decide where you want to go in your life.  It is time to take action

On 07 April we had a New Moon in Aries Super Moon,  when the Moon was closest to the Earth.. Aries represents action, strength and a time to be courageous, spontaneous and to motivate ourselves.

On 22 April there is a Full Moon Micro Moon in Scorpio when the Moon is furthest from the Earth.  This intensifies the energies and asks us to connect with our feelings and emotions, to look at where we are and how we have arrived there, knowing that we have the choice to make changes.

By the time we reach the end of April, we are asked to take the time to pause, reflect and reassess any parts of ourselves or our lives that feel out of balance.