Type of Events

Please see the details on the types of events offered below.

Sacred Feminine

To be in your Divine Feminine energy and live as a Sacred Woman means to honour your unique gifts, your deep inner wisdom, your creativity, passion, love, intuition, nurturing and the wild woman within. To reconnect with your inner cycles and that of Gaia and the Cosmos. To come together with other women in cooperation, harmony and support, to set yourself free. You are UNIQUE. embrace the TRUTH of who you really are. Celebrate the BEAUTY that lies deep within, embracing and reclaiming your inner GODDESS, so you may shine your light out into the world.

Sound Healing

Everything is energy. The universe, planets, stars and cosmos. The Trees, flowers, plants, rivers and oceans, all parts of Mother Earth; our mind, body and spirit. The aim of sound healing is to bring harmony, balance and health to all of these areas, so that every aspect is singing and vibrating in synch, all together in a healthy balanced flow. Every cell in our body hears sound. Sound can change patterns in our lives. It has the ability to open up mind, body, spirit and the emotional body. It helps connect people to the vibration of the Cosmos and the realization that we are all connected in the web of life as One. Sound healing has a deeply relaxing and calming effect on the body, where the receiver is able to totally let go. It works powerfully to release stress and tension and helps us surrender. Sound vibrations assist in obtaining a meditative state, helping us release mental chatter. The use of different instruments and the voice brings in high vibrational frequencies and light.

Crystal Healing

Crystal healing is an ancient healing tool that works holistically treating mind, body, spirit and emotions. Each crystal has its own resonant vibrating frequency. Crystals are made up of repeating geometric patterns and are formed in nature when liquids cool and start to crystalize. Crystals are chosen for each individual and placed on, around or swept over the individual; they may also be laid out in the surrounding environment. Crystals help remove energy blocks in the body, thus restoring a healthy, balanced flow. When crystals are laid down, they form a grid over the person, which also enhances the energies of all the other crystals being used. This in turn leads to a deeply relaxing, calming and balancing treatment.

Shamanic Healing

Shamanism is the oldest form of healing.  A Shaman is a Seer, Healer, Keeper of Wisdom & a Medicine Man or Woman.  A Shamanic Practitioner helps to remove misplaced energy in the form of negative emotions or blocks, to restore balance in a person's energy field.  The Shamanic Practitioner works with the Spirit of a person, place, tree, rock, water, land, ancestors & spirit