Who am I and what do I offer?

My name is Cheryl Torrance and I offer you the transformational gifts of Sound Healing, Crystal Healing workshops and Sacred Feminine gatherings. I am a holistic practitioner and facilitator, and am passionate about health and wellbeing for Mind, Body & Spirit, and reconnecting to the Earth & Cosmic Energies and cycles. With my life experiences, tools gathered along the way and continued journey along the path, I aim to share, guide and inspire you so that you may honour and embrace the real YOU, your inner Magnificence and Radiance. I look forward to you joining me, to experience the power of Sound, Crystals and reconnecting to the Sacred Feminine within.

About Me

For as long as I can remember, I have been on a journey through life and it’s most mystical and spiritual aspects. As a child, I collected crystals on my many holidays to Cornwall and later on in life studied Crystal Healing for two years. This took me on an amazing journey, opening me up fully to the world of energy and vibrational medicine. Here I also learned about colour therapy, flower essences and sacred geometry. Prior to this I trained in Massage, Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Reiki. An opportunity then arose for me to attend a Teacher Training course, which led me to teach as a part-time Adult Education Lecturer in Crystal Healing for six years at Basingstoke College of Technology.

Having practised Hatha Yoga, I discovered Kundalini Yoga, which took me on a long journey of empowerment, releasing, letting go, embracing the Divine energy within and was truly life changing.

I was then guided to train in Sound Healing in Somerset which led to many synchronicities unfolding and continues to take me on an alchemical path of discovery.

I have since trained as a Shamanic Practitioner and have also been running Women's Circles.

Over the years I have spent time with others involved in Earth healing ceremonies at various sacred sites in the UK such as Stonehenge, Avebury and Glastonbury.

Some Qualifications include: Shamanic Practitioner, Women's Circle Facilitator, Sound Healing Diploma (Atlantis College of Crystal Healing), Crystal Healing Diploma (Lucis College), Further Education and Adult Education Teacher’s Certificate (City and Guilds). Please contact me about the other qualifications I hold.


"Before attending Cheryl's sound bath, I had overwhelming anxiety which crippled me severely. Cheryl has a natural gift for her sound and took me on a journey which allowed me to leave my anxiety in the energetic space.  I have since been free from anxiety and fear; I couldn't recommend her treatment enough!"
- Ben

"I attended the Winter Solstice Sound Bath with excitement, as I know how powerful sound is. I had a stiff lower back when I arrived and it was seizing up as time went on.  After the hour session I got up and was so happy, as my stiff back had completely gone. The sound had released the blockage; amazing!  I would highly recommend it to anyone, as Cheryl is very gifted with her voice and instruments."
- Maggie

"This was my first ever-sound bath and I found it to be a wonderful experience. I liked the way Cheryl met each attendee personally and created a warm, relaxed atmosphere. Once the treatment began, almost straight away I could feel the vibrations of the sounds travelling along my body. I felt a release in my stomach and a great deal of emotion and the sense of letting go. I am a tinnitus sufferer and actually felt that after the treatment the tinnitus had got quieter. I really felt the benefits of this wonderful therapy and look forward to enjoying it again in the future."
- Gillian

My Blog

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